BPP ICAEW ECR Certificate Level – Assurance



What is ECR?
The Enhanced Classroom is ideal for Self-Study Students who want the benefit of online access to content, learning activities and assessments whenever and wherever they want.
The overall design enhances the classroom experience creating a more efficient Online model through reduced contact hours and increased assessment, ensuring your students are fully supported 24/7 through access to pre-recorded content aligned to what you study in the classroom and to create learning efficiencies.

Key benefits of the Enhanced Classroom
Pre-recorded lectures by expert BPP tutors can be paused, rewound and fast forwarded, allowing students to study at their own pace with the aid of the pre-recorded lectures.

Topics and Learning Activities
Learning content is broken into logical topics and associated learning activities. The activities within each topic will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses on specific areas and learn core syllabus knowledge, whilst providing lots of opportunity to practice with real life examples.
Each activity helps students understand and apply the syllabus content by either explaining a concept, showing a worked example, or providing an opportunity to apply the concept through ‘practice and apply’ assessments.

All students are given access to their personal online learning area, which includes Online Knowledge tests. The tests consist of a series of online assessments that build in complexity and syllabus coverage, preparing students for exam success.

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